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Re: RG2011... Re: 10 Million Selawat thon On Holy Beloved Muhammad SalaAllahu Alaihi Wasalam


Thank you  bro  Izwanum  abd  wahid , i  appreciate  your  politeness  and  courtesy  in  learning  an  ilmu  and  asking  a  question.
If  you  see   there  are  many  hadis  that  states  as  below
  • Barangsiapa  yg  mebaca  satu  selawat  keatas  ku - maka  Allah
  • Jibrael  berpesan  -  Barangsiapa  membaca  10  selawat  keatas  mu  Ya  Rasul Allah
  • Barangsiapa  yg  membaca  100  selawat  pada  hari  jumaat khususnya
  • barangsiapa  yg  membaca  500  selawat 
  • Barangsiapa  yg  berselawat  seribu  kali 
  • and  many  more  and  i  have  more  than  75  books  in  English  and  8  other  languages  that  i  speak  to  reserach  deeply  into  this  subject  since  i  was  11  years  old
This  confirms  you  can  set  numbers  one  -  ten  -  hundreds -  millions  -  billions  -  as  per  the  crowd -   space  -  time  -  events  and  special  programs.
Therefore  what  Pertubuhan  Rahmatan  Lil  Alameen  is  doing  is  absolutely  as  per  sharia as  the  group  has  hundreds  of  Ulamas  and  Scholars  in  more  than  40 Countries
and  learner   of  KALIMAH  LA  ILAHA  ILALLAH  in  millions.

Now,  why  do  in  jemaah ,  because  there  is  a  hadis  Saying  that  "  YADDULLAHA   MAA  JEMAAH. The  support  of  Allah is  on  jemaah  on  whatever  good  they  perform.
There  is  many  barakah  and  rahmat  in  doing  so  than  any  harm.
Al faqir IlA

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
Therefore, please give an absolute answer to all that petty question and explain ;
Where, when, who determines on that specified numbers (many millions), what donation and contribution of solawat means
Please clearly stated from Al Qur'an and hadith as sahihah (as per your claim) such explanation and instruction to do so. Should it's soreh, sahih and qot'ie, no one will argue anymore, but will adhere to it accordingly.
Furthermore, which no. of surah al fatah for me to refer.

On Monday, October 28, 2013 7:44 AM, NewsforwarderRT <3@pendekarblogger.com> wrote:
"success . Almighty Allah  together  with  His  Malaikaats  are  doing  as  a  jemaah..."
I wonder. Whether yr sentence is wrong or u guys indeed is joined by Allah himself as jamaah..if so, then..wow!..no jamaah in human history since creation is joined by god..
It should be more convincing if u say,Allah 'rahmat' is upon those who recite salawat.
btw, i think yr intention is good, even though it is  new bida'ah., and not all bid'ah is prohibited,nowdays people march on street while reciting salawat with  loudspeaker,that is bid'ah too,as long it will bring no harm to ummah,some ulemas thinks it is permissible .
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Asalamualaikum Warahmatullahi  Wabarakatahu
Firstly, we  must  have  adab  as  per  the  hadis  of  Nabi  Mulia  Sala  Allahu  Alaihi  Wasalam  that  do  not  speak  to  anyone,
without  first  begining  with  Salam , am  addressing  this  to  clear  the  mind  of  the  people  who  are  confused  by  Shaytan  who  are  stopping  people  not to  take  part  in  noble  deed  of  Sending  the  Most  Number  of  Selawat .
Know  that  Pertubuhan  Rahmatan Lil ALameen  is  a  Government  Approved  organization involved  in  International  and Asean
level  propogating  the  Love  and  closeness  to  the  proximity  of  Sunnah  and  a  great  ibadah  of  promoting  Selawat.
With  an  associated  member  of  more  than  250,000  Members  life subscription in more  than  40  Countries, from  the  day
we  commit  to  be  a  member  each  member  pledge  to  recite  a  minimum  of  500  to  1,000  Selawats  everyday  till  the  end
of  their  life. This  pledge  is  to  Almighty  ALLAH  and  Rasul Allah  Sala Allahu Alaihi  Wasalam as  per  the  Surah Al Fatah verse10.
Eevry  year  since  2010 -  2011 - 2012 - 2013 -  we  completed  a  circle  of  1 Million  /  3  Million  /  5  Million  / 7 Million / now
began  the  total  count  of  10  Million. We  want  as  much  as  The  Ummah  do  1.5  Billion  Count  to  the  entire  population of
Muslim  Ummah  so  that  ALMIGHTY  ALLAH  will  rescue  this  Ummah  from  Balaa  Musibah  which  is  coming  upon  as  per  the
hadis  of  the  Holy  Prophet  narrated  by  Muslim /  Thirmizi / Sohih  Al  Bukhary. If  you  people  find  this  deed  and  collection
of  joint  Selawat  Strange  and  abominable  to  you  ,  we  do  not  need  your  blocked  hearts  and  statements  here  to  deviate
people  not  to  participate  into  this  program  which  is  highly  supported  by  the  Government  of  Malaysia.
Last  year  to  our  memory  10  Masjid / Suraus /  Associations  embarked  on  this  program  with  Great  success . Almighty Allah  together  with  His  Malaikaats  are  doing  as  a  jemaah ,  if  you  dont  understand  the  Verse  of  Surah [  33-56 ]  clearly from
the  perspective  of 
  • Ilmiyyah 
  • Maknawiyyah
  • Hikamiyyah
  • The  Reality 
  • The  Truth 
Kindly  dont  stop  others  and  throw   negative  remarks  blindly  and  deviate  people. Only  Wahhabis  have  threatened  to  kill  us  and  stop  us  doing  such  great  noble  effort  for  the  Ummah.If  you  hate  doing  Selawat  kindly  dont  stop  others  doing  as  much  as  we  can.If  you  have  brain  problem  or  sakit  jiwa  problem  please  hid  ot  behind   the  screen. We  have  seen  many  Shaytans in  such  human  forms.
On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 1:22 AM, Ikhwan Hashim <ikhwan_hashim@hotmail.com> wrote:
Sorry.. I do not understand where this idea of 10 million selawat comes from? Why 10 million and not 5 million? Or 20 million? And so on? Why until 11 Jan 2014? Not 2015? 2020? Why limit ourselves? Is this the true teaching? I don't get it... 
Please help!

On Oct 22, 2013, at 7:15 AM, "surayati othman" <datinsuraya@yahoo.com> wrote:
Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatu..
'Wama 'Arsalnaka Ila Rahmatan Lil 'Alamin'....'WE have not sent you (O Muhammad SAW) but as Mercy into the World!'  -Al Ambiya 21:107
My dearest 'The Silaturrahim' Brothers and Sisters....
Our organisation  Rahmatan Lil 'Alamin of which I am one of the Exco member , is donating ten ( 10) million salawats from NOW until the 11th January 2014 which is the
11th Rabiyul Awal . 
We already have commitments of 6 million salawats, and it would be good and  of bountiful barakah for you to add to this contribution of Salawat collection towards our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW .Some of us are doing from 1,000 salawats to 3,000 salawats /day .
One family of five I know, where each member is doing 500x /day or 3,500 salawats a day .
Please do join in this spiritual mass of contribution of Salawat to our Junjungan Mulia Prophet Muhammad Salallahu 'alai Wasalam....
Those who wish to join in this cause please submit their names and all the names of their families who do likewise and how many Salawat per day contributable ...so that we will include their names and add in the total of Salawats into the grand list of existing total Salawats . Inshaallah we will all make mass doa for great blessing barakah and Rahmah be upon them for their righteous commitment and contribution  Inshaallah.  Ameen.
So...please take this golden barakah opportunity now and START the contribution TODAY!
'Innal-laaha wa malaa 'ikatahoo yusalloona 'alan Nabiyy; yaaa 'ayyuhal-lazeena 'aamanoo salloo 'alayhi wa sallimoo tasleemaa'..."Allah sends His Salat (Graces, Honours, Blessings, Mercy) on the Prophet Muhammad SAW) and also His angels (ask Allah to bless him
(Muhammad SAW) and (you should ) greet (salute) him with the Islamic way of greeting ."...Al-Ahzab 33:56
Allah Akhbar! Akllah Akhbar!
'Sharing is caring is learning and loving all mankind, creatures and creations of Allah'
The Silaturrahim/Pertubuhan Rahmatan Lil Alamin/RICOI/Halfway Home for Animals
Suriati Othman
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