Sunday, July 13, 2014

RE: RG2011... Heran juga..500 Roket Telah dilancarkan ke Israel..Sorang pun tak mati..


Perkara biasa.. pihak musuh tidak akan umumkan apa juga kecelekaan atau kerugian di pihak mereka. Ini adalah strategi  untuk melemahkan pihak lawan, yang serang balas yang di lakukan tidak memberi kesan  pada mereka dan kalau boleh berita sebegini  akan di tutup rapat-serapat nya.

Cuba dapatkan maklumat dari wartawan bebas yang berada di sebelah Israel yang tidak memihak pada pihak rejim zionis tersebut, untuk kita mengetahui apa kah benar tiada langsung kemalangan jiwa berlaku di pihak isreal..?? Adalah mustahil setiap roket yang di lepaskan oleh pihak Mujahidin semuanya dapat di tangkis oleh tentera zionis…


Yang pasti Gaza terus jadi medan bedilan bom- bom tentera zionis!  kesengsaraan rakyat Palestine tiada pembelaan..  kutukan antarabangsa tidak di endahkan! kesengsaraan rakyat Palestine tiada pembelaan!  negara2 arab bisu! OIc  "Oo..i.. see" bila bangsa sendiri di ratah tentera zionis israel,di biarkan!





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Subject: RG2011... Heran juga..500 Roket Telah dilancarkan ke Israel..Sorang pun tak mati..



Middle East

Israeli troops launch first incursion in Gaza

Four naval commandos wounded in clash with Hamas fighters inside Gaza, following deadliest night of Israeli bombing.

Last updated: 13 Jul 2014 07:09

Israeli navy commandos clashed with Hamas gunmen in what was the first reported ground incursion into the Gaza Strip, during the deadliest night of violence since the bombardment of the Palestinian territory began on Tuesday.

The Israeli army said at least four soldiers were "lightly injured" on Sunday, as they attacked a site in northern Gaza the army said was being used to launch long-range rockets.

"During the mission a gunfight broke out, started by some terrorists operating at the site, during which four Israeli soldiers were lightly wounded," said the spokesman who declined to give further details on the operation.

The Qassam Brigades, Hamas' armed-wing, confirmed the exchange of gunfire "between our fighters and soldiers of the Zionist navy which tried to penetrate the zone of Sudanyia" in northwest Gaza.

Hamas said its fighters had fired at the Israeli force offshore, preventing them from landing. 

The early morning incursion followed the deadliest night of Israeli bombing since it launched its campaign on Tuesday. A total of 52 Palestinians were reported killed overnight, bringing the toll to 165 in six days of attacks.

Eighteen people, many from the same family, were killed in the deadliest attack when Israeli forces targeted the home of Gaza police Chief Tayseer al-Batsh in the Toufah area of Gaza City.

Batsh was among the wounded, Palestinian officials told the AFP news agency.

Israel says its bombardment is to end rocket fire by Palestinian fighters into Israeli cities. The UN on Saturday said that three quarters of those killed in Gaza were civilians.

The Israeli army said late on Saturday that rockets fired from Gaza had hit the cities of Hebron and Bethlehem. No deaths or injuries was reported. 

Israel bomb hits disabled centre

Palestinians in the cities rioted against Israeli troops on Sunday morning.

More than 500 missiles have struck Israel during the conflict, but none have resulted in Israeli deaths. More than 1,200 Israeli attacks have been reported since Tuesday.

An Israeli air raid on Saturday hit a centre for the disabled in Gaza, killing three patients and a nurse. 

The UN Security Council called for a cessation of hostilities and top diplomats from the UK, France, Germany and the US are due to meet later on Sunday to discuss the need for a ceasefire.


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