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RG2011... Fw: Airport Taxis: Prices and Options


Airport Taxis: Prices and Options

You've traveled for hours and if you don't have a chauffeur or loved ones free enough to pick you up from the airport, your options include the bus, train or most commonly the airport taxi. But it can be quite an ordeal to choose a taxi as they are an expensive form of transport due to their comfort and convenience.

What's more, Malaysian taxis have a sticky reputation. It's important to know what your options are or else be swayed into taking the more expensive route, especially from the airport. Did you know that there are different taxi services in different levels of KLIA? So before you become confused with all the offers at the taxi counters, take a look at the different kind of taxis available at the airports and their expected rates.

Premium Taxi Limo

These premium taxis come in a classy black Proton Perdana and Nissan Sylphy and are known to charge a hefty amount for a ride home. They promise a smoother ride, with a roomier interior thus the high charge. How high? Well if your home is somewhere within the Ampang area, be prepared to fork out around RM224 just to get home in this stylish car. Heading down to KLCC from KLIA? That's RM102.

Budget Taxi Limo

There is a budget version of the taxi limo where they use a sedan Proton Waja. A downgrade from a Proton Perdana, but it promises to still be good enough to give you a comfortable trip home. How much of a budget is it? A trip to KLCC will see you forking out about RM74 with this one, and if you're heading towards the Ampang area, that's RM84.

Taxi Van

Have more than 4 people with you and cannot stand the idea of squeezing in? You're going to need a van that can accommodate 8 people. If your drive is less than 45 minutes and is within 50km, you'll be paying about RM160. So if you have exactly 8 people in the van that can be pretty cost effective. Any further and the price can even go up to RM300.

Metered Taxi

What many people fail to discover, and this is also due to the different counters and touts telling you otherwise, is that it is possible to find a metered taxi that would be a lot cheaper than the limo taxis. So if you really want to cut cost, look out for these taxis. A trip down to KLCC will cost RM63. Even heading down to PJ can be cheaper, costing around RM58.

It can be tricky to find the counter for metered taxis as in KLIA, you will need to get to Level 1 and find the counter for it outside of the airport doors to get it.

Also, remember that if you're travelling after midnight, you will be charged a little extra. Some taxis charge an extra 20%, while others add a flat extra fee of RM30.

No matter which taxi you decide to go with in the end, there's no denying the desire to get home safe and comfortable.


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